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We all need to pray that this nightmare comes to a just and truthful end for Gary and his three little boys and will never be allowed to repeat itself for anyone! The police need to be able to do their job, but when they screw up they need to admit it, take the heat, and move on—not escalate! Hiding forever behind the cover of an "open investigation" is an abomination to every civil right granted by this great nation. The qualified immunity afforded the police is for everyone EXCEPT the incompetent or those who knew or should have known they were dealing in falsehoods. Someone should be in prison!

When I was a young boy, my grandfather told me the meaning of the word C.O.P. I always held the police in the highest regard and often bought them lunch or simply stopped to express my thanks for "being out there" protecting me and my family. I no longer hold them in any regard, save contempt and disdain, and I do not buy them lunch. Crap On Pavement was, I thought, a cynical outlook on a noble profession; but I have come to realize that cynicism is wisdom derived from years of facing reality. I now realize my grandfather was a very wise man. We must all do our part—and that means we need to speak up. It's time the Beverly Hills Cops Gone Bad put up or shut up. Stop the charade and end the nightmare they have brought down upon a grieving husband and his three young children. Beware! This nightmare could happen to anyone who falls into the legal abyss which is the City of Beverly Hills. To protect your freedom and civil rights  DON'T SHOP or VISIT or EAT in BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA!!

I would ask all those honorable members of the BHPD who have been forced to review this webpage at home(because it has been blocked at work) to think long and hard if the department is representing you well when they attempt to cover up their misdeeds at the expense of your reputation. To those few who know the truth about this fiasco, I beg you to speak up before you are the one whose head is on the shopping block. As you well know aiding and abetting a crime is also a crime!

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