Beverly Hills Cops Gone Bad

The Bungling Bamboozled Buffoonish Bozos of Beverly Hills
The Clumsy Corrupt Clown Cops of Beverly Hills
The Duped Delusional Daffy Damnable Dummies of Beverly Hills
together with their enablers
The Incompetent, Inept, Imbecilic, Ineffective, Idiotic Beverly Hills City Council

If we can't find a suspect we'll frame one instead

The Beverly Hills Police Department
What the hell is there for a regular cop to do when he is bored or when he needs to return a political favor?
Answer: create a crime to keep busy and justify his existence.
This circus is brought to you and paid for by taxes levied against the citizens of Beverly Hills, California. To protect our reputation, we at BHPD will go to any lengths—including fabricating a "crime."
Your civil rights? Forget it. The cops are clowns who violate with impunity the due process and protection the law is supposed to afford its citizens.
To serve and protect our own best interests!