The indisputable facts ... and only the facts!
May 29, 2009: My beloved Rina Klein is rushed to Cedars Sinai hospital, sure that she is in the midst of a stroke.
May 31, 2009. Rina dies after spending two days on life support in the neuro intensive care unit of Cedars Sinai Hospital. Against Jewish law, which Rina observed, her mother opts to have her embalmed.
June 2, 2009: Rina's body is subjected to an autopsy by the L.A. Coroner's office and the results come back in late June 2009: Rina's death was accidental and non-suspicious, clearly related to prescription drug intertaction. This reconfirms two days of analysis by Cedar Sinai medical staff after their detailed blood tests, CAT and MRI brain scans, spinal taps, and countless evaluations by numerous medical personnel.
June 23, 2009. Rina's prescribed medicines and prescription samples are stolen from her home by her mother and handed over to the BHPD. Rina's mother and sister contend that "Gary threatened to kill his wife and that no one would know how he had done it".  Surprisingly, when Rina lay brain dead at Cedars on May 29, 2009, and the cause of death was as yet undetermined, neither the mother nor the sister call the cops with these horrendous allegations nor do they mention them to the medical personnel. These threats are mentioned  for the first time in late 2011.
August 3, 2009. Rina's home is raided by the BHPD, in front of Rina's 3 young children and her husband (Gary). Gary is now suspected of allegedly murdering his wife.
August 6, 2009. Rina's husband, Gary, voluntarily takes a polygraph which completely exonerates him of any wrongdoing.
August 2009. Rina's body is dug up, ripped to shreds, and subjected to a second autopsy. This is now 60 days after she is laid to rest. The second autopsy is inconclusive!
Spring 2010. The law office of a family law attorney is raided after the raid on Rina's home. The cops are in search of an alleged "divorce file"  from the one and only divorce attorney, as described by Rina's mother. Ten plus detectives from the BHPD find nothing. The office of Rina's therapist is raided and provides support for a normal marriage with no confirmation of marital abuse, no divorce and no infidelity.
Fall 2010. Rina's husband files a grand theft complaint alleging that over $60,000 has been stolen from his home. The BHPD declines to investigate.
A 20-year-old UCLA coed is summoned to the BHPD station, threatened  with arrest as an accomplice to murder and relentlessly interrogated until she breaks down crying.  "I'm sorry I am not saying what  you want to hear, but what I am saying is the truth."
June 2011. Two long years after Rina's passing, Rina's 9 year old and 7 year old children are pulled out of class and forced to answer: "How did mommy die?" This is the first time the cops speak with the children. At the same time, Gary's 98 and 88-year-old parents are harassed at their home by the BHPD and LASD. Gary's older brother is harassed and questioned about Rina and Gary's relationship. Gary's older sister, who is bed ridden with leukemia, is harassed by the BHPD and LASD in summer 2011. Gary's younger sister's office is raided in July 2011. Interestingly, all this activity by the cops coincidentally happens in and around a court hearing before Beverly Hills Judge Fox  in which the cops are called to answer and justify their behavior during the on going "murder" investigation.
A letter of complaint is filed with the BHPD Chief of Police Snowden, Los Angeles District Attorney Cooley, and Attorney General Brown. The letter lays out egregious allegations against Homicide Detective Dan Chilson. That letter of complaint receives no response, but lands in the hands of Detective Chilson. Detective Chilson then uses that letter to further intimidate and harass—the very actions which are cited in the letter. The BHPD, in response to LA DIstrict Attorney Office inquiries, "opens" an investigation into Gary's complaints of police misconduct, however the office of internal affairs does NOTHING! The LA DIstrict Attorney's Office declines to investigate due to the "open" investigation of the BHPD.
Detective Chilson refuses, save a court order, to return any of Gary's and the children's belongings retrieved during the raid. Gary's attorney informs Det. Chilson that he is about to file that motion for return of property. Det. Chilson immediately returns 95% of the family belongings.
Two long years after RIna dies, the BHPD contends that her third child is conceived out of wedlock. Late in 2011 the BHPD subpoena the DNA of Rina's  fiance from 1990.  The fiance denies any social relationship with Rina since 1990. Gary's paternity test confirms that he is the child's biological father.  Surprisingly the BHPD denies that they ever served this subpoena.
The California Medical Licensing Board has opened investigations into Rina's doctors who prescribed the medicines detailed in the coroner's autopsy report. Surprisingly, the BHPD has refused to cooperate and has completely obstructed the investigation by these experienced medical examiners.
Gary's home computer/local network is compromised and then hacked into. The circus and charade continues . . .
Gary's home is raided on December 22, 2011 in search of COMPUTER FRAUD.  The frame up continues....
Beverly Hills Police "Investigation" continues. However,
* The original, published autopsy is sealed—even though it proves there is no crime. The second autopsy is sealed although it only reconfirms there is no crime. There are eight search warrants, along with their affidavits, which are sealed as well, though they only reinforce the fact that there is no crime only unfounded innuendo, lies and delusions.
• The attending physician at Cedar Sinai has never been interviewed by the BHPD.
* Rina's therapist for the last 10 years of her life has not been interrogated although his files contradict the BHPD delusions.
• Rina's primary care physicians who prescribed her medicines have not been investigated. Interestingly these same physicians who prescribed the medicines which both Cedars and the Coroner confirm led to Rina's death are also casting completely unfounded aspersions on Gary.
• The BHPD is convinced that motives of divorce, infidelity, physical and emotional  abuse, money laundering, and life insurance are the basis of this alleged heinous crime. The BHPD, LASD (L.A. Sheriff's Dept), and Secret Service look under every rock and find nothing that will corroborate even one of their fantasies or accusations.
* The children's nanny for 2 1/2 years before RIna died has NEVER been interrogated by the cops!  However a guest from Rina and Gary's wedding from 2001 was questioned and mothers from the children's school continue to be harassed about their knowledge of "the relationship".
In summary there is no physical or even circumstantial evidence of a crime as it relates to Rina's death. There is no evidence of a motive to the non-crime  and only contradicting facts to the alleged motives firstly proposed by the BHPD.  However there are countless felonious acts by the BHPD and the individuals who signed affidavits under penalty of perjury. SOMEONE SHOULD BE IN JAIL!
* The Los Angeles Times writes a front page article on March 30, 2012. Go to LATIMES.COM and search Rina Klein
* Gary Klein appears before the Beverly Hills City Council on May 1, 2012 and informs them about their employee's conduct!
* Judge Fox  in June 2012 accepts as truth that the BHPD retrieved something 6 months ago and coincidentally on the day they are required to justify their investigation, claim they need  another 6 months to test it. Judge Fox has become
weary/leery of the BHPD song and dance and so only provides another 4 months of cover.
* On October 10, 2012 after 3 years of giving the BHPD what it wants, Judge Fox is thrown under the bus, the District Attorney drops the hot potatoe and consequently the BHPD uses tax dollars to hire an outside law firm which assigns the case to someone who is running for State Senate!
* January 7, 2013 Gary Klein files a federal civil rights lawsuit against the City of Beverly Hills and the BHPD.