Beverly Hills Cops Gone Bad: The incompetent, inept, poorly trained, and inexperienced Beverly Hills Police Department are looking to arrest someone, for a crime that did not take place, to cover up a moronic investigation instigated by a lunatic mother-in-law, who should not be permitted to call in favors by a corrupt incompetent district attorney, who should have done a little homework before inciting the BHPD into criminal antics that make them look like Keystone cops. The Beverly Hills City Council prostrates itself at the altar of Chief Snowden's assertions that he is doing his job properly. This is not oversight but mere rubber stamping making them complicit in the actions of their employee. Beware! This nightmare could happen to you, placing you front and center of a legal three-ring circus. To safeguard your freedom and civil rights: Do not shop, eat, or visit Beverly Hills, California—because your tax dollars will go to fund ridiculous, wasteful, harmful activities by the BHPD—activities which you cannot protect yourself against.

Go to Los Angeles Times(LATIMES.COM)
and search Rina Klein to view the front page article on March 30, 2012.